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Sample Sermons

Thou Shalt not Play God - The 8th Commandment (6.8M)
This is a sermon in my series on the Decalogue (Ten Commandments).

What if Jesus had not died on the cross? (8.6M)
This was the message for Good Friday 2007.

What if Jesus had not risen from the dead? (5M)
This is the message for Easter Sunday 2007

Authentic Spirituality, Part 1 (8.2M)

Spirituality is a topic of great interest these days. At the end of the summer [2002] I met for lunch with John Armstrong, the editor of Reformation and Revival Journal. He was in town to speak at Covenant Seminary's commencement service and meet with the faculty. John is a man with his finger on the pulse of the Evangelical & Reformed church world in America. When asked by the seminary faculty about what is going on out there? What are people in evangelical church interested in? What's the latest hot topic? The latest concern? Without hesitation he responded "spirituality." The search for authentic Christian spirituality. Cultivating spirituality. 

When he said that I was a bit puzzled. What is spirituality? What do people mean when they say they want to cultivate their spirituality or their spiritual lives? What do people mean when they talk about "spiritual" things. Or "being spiritual"? What does an author mean, for example, when he writes this: These new spiritualities are attractive to those Christians who feel that their spiritual lives are impoverished. . . What does it mean that your spiritual life is impoverished? Is it a part or dimension of your life? Is there a part of our lives that we should call "spiritual" as opposed to other parts that are not? When someone asks, "How is your spiritual life?" I want to ask, "What is my spiritual life? To what are you referring? Am I being asked about my devotional habits? My consistency in Bible reading? Or maybe my prayer life?" Listen to the sermon to hear some answers to these questions.

Authentic Spirituality, Part 2 (8.4M)

In this, the second sermon in the series, I deal with Galatians 5:13-15. On this particular Sunday I preached from this text in both morning and evening sermons. This sermon is the evening lesson. The morning sermon was delivered in the form of a narrative or parable called "The Works of the Flesh and the Fruit of the Spirit."

Authentic Spirituality, Part 3 (6.5M)

This is the third sermon in this series. Here I outline God's intention for humanity, especially as it is outlined in Genesis 1-3. You will learn about about "Star Trek" spirituality in this lesson.

Authentic Spirituality, Part 4 (6.2M)

In the fourth lesson I outline some of the reasons that Evangelical Christians divorce spirituality from normal day-to-day living. For example, when we dissolve the difference between ministers and people, Christians will begin to think that true spirituality consists of doing those things that ministers have traditionally been called to do.

Authentic Spirituality, Part 5 (8.9M)

In this fifth and last (posted) sermon on biblical spirituality I discuss the ritual action of the Lord's Supper (Matt. 26) as the way in which our action in the world is structured and reformed according to God's pattern of work (Gen. 1).

Everyone Has Daddy Issues (6M)
Pastor Jeffrey J. Meyers 
Exposition of Luke 3:21-38 
Morning Worship

Wrestling With God (7.3M)
This is a longer evening sermon that explains of Jabob's wrestling with God at the river Jabok, as given in Genesis 32:22-32. Contrary to popular American religion the event narrated here is not Jacob's conversion. But you'll have to listen to the sermon to learn more.